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Defeater - I Don’t Mind

And I don’t mind if we take our time. No, I don’t mind cause I’m all yours,  if you’re all mine.

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DIY Pedalboard/Flightcase


Cleaned up my browser. Nice.


This clip just doesn’t get old. Hoogie-Boogie Land, awesome.

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-1-30)
  1. Defeater (18)
  2. Archers of Loaf (15)
  3. Guns Up! (11)
  4. Weezer (10)
  5. Iron Chic (10)

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20.11.2010 - TOUCHÉ AMORÉ
Interview with Touché Amoré after their show at Jh Zigzag, Merksplas with other bands like: Midnight Souls, Lighthouse,…

Because of some missing footage, you can only check out the whole interview in the paper or pdf version that will be available in february.

Second interview!

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Early Birthday Present? :)

Step 1:

Vinyl Step 1

Step 2:

Vinyl Step 2

Step 3:

Vinyl Step 3

Step 4:

Vinyl Step 4

So we have received the vinyl for our new record “End Measured Mile”, and it looks fucking amazing. Thank you so much to Vinnie and Paper+Plastick for bringing these records to life. They are nothing short of incredible, and if…

Please get me one…

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can’t wait

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20.11.2010 - MIDNIGHT SOULS
Interview with Midnight Souls after their show at Jh Zigzag, Merksplas with other bands like: Touché Amoré, Lighthouse,…

How silly of me not to reblog my own post…

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-1-9)
  1. Make Do and Mend (21)
  2. Iron Chic (20)
  3. Ceremony (15)
  4. Ramones (14)
  5. Between Earth and Sky (13)

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Keep This

I don’t think there’s something I would trade
for the endless list of the mistakes I’ve made.
Maybe I’m fucking up, but I think that that’s ok,
just so long as I’m learning every day

Make Do And Mend



First, a happy newyear to all.
Second, my list of stuff I want to do/acomplish this year:

1. Recording, touring with Accept The Change and/or Lotus
2. Make 52 designs/songs/illustrations/…  in 2011. Starting this week.
3. 10 Day hiking somewhere, away from civilization.
4. Start working on my condition again.
5. Complete my (web)zine, http://theoutsiders-zine.tumblr.com/

Hope to cross all of them at the end of the year.
I’ll keep you updated, if you give a fuck.


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